Lawrence Leung: Exploring life’s absurdities in his new show, Growing Concerns

Lawrence Leung Growing Concerns

Lawrence Leung: Exploring life’s absurdities in his new show, Growing Concerns

Australia’s beloved comedian Lawrence Leung is back on the national comedy festival circuit with a brand new show, Growing Concerns.

Calling it his most personal show to date, Lawrence will explore a number of topics he is currently most concerned about, including family, love, prejudice and race relations, by sharing hilarious real-life anecdotes with his audience.

“It’s a show about how we look at ourselves and peoples’ expectations of us,” he explained.

It’s really interesting to see how the audience reacts to these stories because you’ll often have half the audience who are white and have no idea about these subtle biases, and then we have the other half who are Asian, and totally understand and relate to the stories.

However, stand-up comedy is only one facet of Lawrence’s many talents, with the comedian having also been involved in various television productions and radio shows, giving him the opportunity to combine his interests of comedy, psychology and science.

He said some of his greatest memories come from the shows he had been apart of for the ABC, including Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure, Unbelievable, and Maximum Choppage.

Lawrence also played Dr Elvis Kwan on popular Australian comedy-drama, Offspring – a role he never expected to play for four seasons.

“Dr Elvis was one of those characters they dropped in at the end of one of the seasons, and it just so happened to be the episode when the beloved Dr Patrick had tragically passed away, and that was a huge moment for the fan base,” he recalled.

“After that episode, I remember walking into a supermarket or something, and I was confronted by all these women and they really hated me and they hated the scriptwriters because they assumed that I was replacing Dr Patrick.

“But, that meant that my character was on one of the most watched episodes and the producers really liked the character because he was quite quirky, so I ended up doing the next three or four seasons.”

Lawrence Leung Growing Concerns

Not only did Lawrence cause a stir among audiences with his role on Offspring, but his various roles in other TV productions also received many positive reactions from his fans.

“It was great working in a space where I was representing Asians on television, which wasn’t really something that was there while I was growing up,” he said.

“It wasn’t until I made Choose Your Own Adventure that I received a lot of emails from young Chinese people telling me that it was awesome to see a face like theirs on screen.

I never made the show for Asian people in Australia, I only made it for the general audience, but I found it resonated with people like me, which I never expected and I feel completely honoured and touched by it.

Having just finished up a round of shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Lawrence will be taking on the Sydney and Perth Comedy Festivals in May 2019.

Check out his website HERE for all the information, plus follow him on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE.

Sydney Comedy Festival
May 10-12, 2019 | Factory Theatre | 8:15pm (7:15pm Sunday)
Perth Comedy Festival
May 3-4, 2019 | Studio Underground | 7pm

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