Adelaide School of Chinese Music & Arts celebrates Chinese New Year 2020

Chinese New Year 2020 Chamber Music Concert

Adelaide School of Chinese Music & Arts celebrates Chinese New Year 2020

Adelaide will be celebrating the Chinese New Year in 2020, with what will be an outstanding performance by the School of Chinese Music & Arts at the Adelaide Festival Centre on January 31.

The show focuses on creating a fusion between the traditions of Chinese instruments and Western music elements.

This concert’s principal artist is Zhao Liang, a highly accomplished performer who began to learn the Guzheng (Chinese harp) at the age of 6, before she arrived in Australia in 2004. She will be sharing the stage beside other artists from the school, in a concert that will bring you closer to the splendour and variety of cultures in the East and West.

Join the artists during this time of reflection, family bonding and exchange of cultural roots for the new generations.

Keep reading to learn more about the School of Chinese Music & Arts and their upcoming concert!

Why was the Adelaide Chinese School of Music & Arts founded?
I intended it for a studio to make music and also promote multiculturalism through music and arts. However as it grew, especially in the years 2005 to 2007, we delivered so many music and arts workshops so we established it as a school. Today we have found the right balance between our educational programs and artistic work.

How do you fuse western and classical Chinese elements in the music taught in your school, and why is this important?
We are a local Australian community-rooted organisation, thus we see this as one of our most important features in most, if not all, of our projects. However, the reality of fusing them both together is not common nor easy and takes a lot of background work to do so. But this reminds us of our roots and our belonging as Australians after all so we have endeavoured with it.

Chinese New Year 2020 Chamber Music Concert

Why do you believe the school has thrived for 15 years? What does this milestone mean to you?
It is encouraging and we are grateful to the South Australian community in supporting us. Without all the engagement and support from organisations, schools and councils, we would not have been able to sustain so far. This milestone also reminds me that the sky is the limit and we should persist if it is the right thing to do.

What does Chinese New Year mean to the Chinese-Australian community?
It is a time of reflection as we celebrate our roots by sharing tales of our culture with the next generation. It is also an important for reunion, reconnection and bonding with family and loved ones.

What can audiences expect to see from your show at the Adelaide Festival Centre in January?
The audience will certainly see an Australian Chinese show – not only will it feature traditional music and arts, it will also present some new works with Chinese elements. Some of the most talented in the local music scene – such as Jeffrey Kong, Zhao Liang, David Dai, Satomi Ohnishi, Jakub Tehal and Bronzewing String Quartet – will be part of the show. There will be an array of amazing Chinese instruments on show, including a whole percussion set on board. Some familiar folk songs such as Kang Ding Qing Geand River Liu Yangwill be presented in the show.

Chinese New Year 2020 Chamber Music Concert

What else do you have planned for the school in 2020?
We will be part of the Adelaide Fringe with a show called An Oriental Flair & San Ureshito be presented at Nexus Arts. We will also be celebrating our 15 years at the Adelaide Town Hall in June.
In May, we also host Central Conservatory of Music examinations in Adelaide. We are the first organisation to host them in the southern hemisphere since 2016.

Chinese New Year Chamber Music Concert
WHEN: January 31, 2020
WHERE: Adelaide Festival Centre VENUE: Space Theatre
COST: $30-$25

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